Thursday, September 8, 2011

yours and another one

my house has been for sale for 4 months, the zoo has outgrown it, wait, we outgrew it before the first zoo member ever took her first breath (but that is a different topic).  Several people (5 to be exact) have looked at it and its always "they love your house, they are looking at one more tomorrow and then will choose between yours and the other one".

however, it seems they always choose the other house.  i do realize that do to liberal spending of our lovely countries leadership, the housing market is not booming, and Fannie mae and freddie mac forced financial institutions to loan money to folks who didn't qualify  (again another topic).  but how do 5 people look at 2 houses and then always choose the other one?

of course, i do realize, God has a place for the zoo and we should be patient (something that is very hard for me to be) and wait for his timing, as he is an on time God, its just hard to believe that 5 out of 5 times, the decision is narrowed down to two houses and mine is not the chosen.... 

well, as it looks the fifth person, who was ready to make an offer on my house, then seemed to disappear for 2 weeks, is back, and wants to see my house again.  so while i sit here and type my thoughts, i should be doing what i detest doing, cleaning!!! (showing is at 6:45, i've got time)

but seriously, is that a standard comment for realtors, as if they dont want to tell you the truth, "your house is ugly, its never gonna sell" so they say "they are choosing between yours and another one....  

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  1. Your perspective is off. It's your house that keeps turning away people who don't qualify to live there. Be patient. When your house finds a suitable replacement for your family, it'll let you know!