Tuesday, September 13, 2011

103 days until Christmas

There is 103 day until Christmas and 75 days until we check into our hotel in Disney World.

with that being said, I want to have all my Christmas shopping complete before we leave to go to Disney.

For the zoo:
Allison - i know what i want her big gift to be, just hoping to get it on a black friday sale!!!
Makenna - trying to decided if i should get Makenna the same thing as allison


Jace is completed (he is getting Big Foot, Thomas train set and a Drum Set) Good thing he cant read!!! to brag on my savings for jace's christmas, the thomas the train set is a 100$ set i got for 20.49 on clearance, the  big foot is priced at 99.99, i got at an amazon (love Amazon) steal deal for 33$, my favorite is the 99.99$ drum set i paid a little over 10$ for!!! Spent less than 75$ for over 300$ worth of stuff!!!!

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