Friday, September 9, 2011

Growing up

it wasn't all that long ago, i sang a lullaby and held you close, seems i hardly bat my eyes, where did all of this time go... i thank God for all he gave me, you will always be my baby...

Allison had her first day of school, pre-k, at Holy Cross, Wednesday september 7.   She was such a big girl, she told me several times, "mom im not gonna cry" and she didn't.  she walked in, put her belongings in her designated space and sat in her chair.

that was the longest 5 hours of my life!!! it was really odd not having my little helper at home.  makenna was awake for over an hour before she said, "mom, wheres allison."

when the day was over, Allison asked if she got to go back to school the next day, was upset when i told her she only goes on monday and wednesday.  she told me she rested at school, (i guess it was rest away from the rest of the zoo!!!) she ate a little, she played a little on the play ground, on the slide and swing, and she rested some more...

All ready to go!
Sitting so big!

She wrote her own name!


  1. Too cute! Love the pics!

  2. awww,, imma cry.. but she loves miss smiley she keep telling me that when i came over haha..