Tuesday, September 20, 2011

will we be the moving zoo

zoo life has been crazy, so blogging time has been limited.

from sick family members to Houston trips, then migraines to messy house....

sunday night, after being extremely exhausted and over sleeping sunday morning to taking a nap and over sleeping and missing both church services, i had a feeling that someone would request to see our house.  i told brett while cleaning the kitchen after eating dinner, that someone was gonna ask to see the house, i just had a gut feeling...

well monday rolls around, i bring allison to school, run some errands, pick her up and head home.  after being home long enough for kids to destroy the house with toys, and being slammed with a major migraine that put me in bed, my phone goes off, someone wanted to see the house in 15 minutes!!!!  i couldn't open my eyes or hold my head up without feeling nauseated, i declined the showing.  seriously, who can dress a zoo and pick up a house in 15 minutes on a non migraine day????  the lady was very interested in seeing my house, so made plans to see it the next day (today).

I get a text at 11:02 today that the lady wants to see the house in 20 minutes, being that i was somewhat prepared, i loaded the kids and headed to get the bus' oil changed.  only to find out the business credit card machine is broke, its cash only. please tell me who uses cash??? 

so now i sit and wait and get no updates on how the showing went.    

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  1. i do thank you very much.. it seems that i never have the amount on my card that it says i have soi find it best for me that i just use cash!!! thanks tho!!