Friday, September 23, 2011

more hoise roller coaster

So I get a message that someone wants to see my house tomorrow at 1030.

Guess the zoo will be garage saleing.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

quote for the day

No need to watch where I'm going, just need to know where I've been.
"Tow mater"

to good to be true

And so, just as I figured, the potential buyers dad told her not to buy my house. So the deal is off.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

turn the lock not the knob

well the past 10 minutes i just spent locked in my garage.  i stepped into the garage to look for something, when Makenna closed and locked the door.

im not a blonde, i opened the garage door, but however i was still locked out of the house.

trying to explain a 3 year old to turn the lock not the knob is not the easiest job.

Dont get excited yet!!!!

someone made an offer on our house!!!

we are negotiating.

 the traveling zoo may be the homeless zoo 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Makenna Reese

I really wish i could follow Makenna around with a tape recorder and record her all day long.  she is full of stories and jibberish.

her newest thing is, "your mean, im gonna tell my Daddy/Mommy" when she is told no or gets a spanking for doing something she is not supposed to do.

so far today, we have seen progress in potty training, we have been in panties all day, and have not had an accident, however i have been making her go every two hours.  but whatever it takes!!!!

will we be the moving zoo

zoo life has been crazy, so blogging time has been limited.

from sick family members to Houston trips, then migraines to messy house....

sunday night, after being extremely exhausted and over sleeping sunday morning to taking a nap and over sleeping and missing both church services, i had a feeling that someone would request to see our house.  i told brett while cleaning the kitchen after eating dinner, that someone was gonna ask to see the house, i just had a gut feeling...

well monday rolls around, i bring allison to school, run some errands, pick her up and head home.  after being home long enough for kids to destroy the house with toys, and being slammed with a major migraine that put me in bed, my phone goes off, someone wanted to see the house in 15 minutes!!!!  i couldn't open my eyes or hold my head up without feeling nauseated, i declined the showing.  seriously, who can dress a zoo and pick up a house in 15 minutes on a non migraine day????  the lady was very interested in seeing my house, so made plans to see it the next day (today).

I get a text at 11:02 today that the lady wants to see the house in 20 minutes, being that i was somewhat prepared, i loaded the kids and headed to get the bus' oil changed.  only to find out the business credit card machine is broke, its cash only. please tell me who uses cash??? 

so now i sit and wait and get no updates on how the showing went.    

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Box of colored pencils - $1.00
painted sheet rock wall - $100.00
an old aztec painting of the sun on the bedroom wall - priceless, cause ill never sell my house.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

103 days until Christmas

There is 103 day until Christmas and 75 days until we check into our hotel in Disney World.

with that being said, I want to have all my Christmas shopping complete before we leave to go to Disney.

For the zoo:
Allison - i know what i want her big gift to be, just hoping to get it on a black friday sale!!!
Makenna - trying to decided if i should get Makenna the same thing as allison

Jace is completed (he is getting Big Foot, Thomas train set and a Drum Set) Good thing he cant read!!! to brag on my savings for jace's christmas, the thomas the train set is a 100$ set i got for 20.49 on clearance, the  big foot is priced at 99.99, i got at an amazon (love Amazon) steal deal for 33$, my favorite is the 99.99$ drum set i paid a little over 10$ for!!! Spent less than 75$ for over 300$ worth of stuff!!!!

warped or properly trained

my kids dont ask for stories or lullabies at bed time, they ask for Rush Limbaugh.

Proverbs 22:6
 6Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

As the leadership of this world, continue to take away and break down, any and all of the Godly substance left, and turn out country on a government dependent society, it is our duty of parents to train our children to depend on Jesus.

As i am not a big fan of Rush, i prefer Hanity, is it wrong that a child listen to political commentary?        

last night, before bedtime, Makenna noticed a sore on her arm, when Brett asked her where did she get it, she replied, Obama girl did it.

ALlison - school day 2

the whole zoo went to school, on the second day of school.
Allison stayed, she learned and played.
Makenna cried, "Mommy dont leave Allison"
Jace just wanted to stay at school to play and run
when the day was over, and time to go home and review her day
Allison replied "I want to talk about it, I just had fun"


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Makenna Reese

Kids say the darndest things

so my little angel truly is growing up.  She went to her first sleep over at a friends house.  she told me, "mom, i'm not gonna cry" and that she did not.

a little worried what might come out of her mouth, kids say the darndest things, she proceeded to tell her friend that "she was stinking up the bathroom but thats okay cause my daddy does it to and it smells worse".

i began to think of all the things that they each have there own way of saying particular words, here are just a few.

pullups are cool ups
shelley is sheshy 
yogart is are-get

Makenna (the only child in sunday school that said there was no Gods) 
veggietales  are t-tales
snow white is snow wipe 

Jace (being his speech is still limited as he is only 2)
cars are B's  

Friday, September 9, 2011

more house drama

the potential buyer saw my house again last night, the one who absolute loved my house, but now my house is second choice.

today while speaking to Brett on the phone and saying, i guess its not the Lord's will right now, i receive a message from my realtor that there is another person who wants to see my house today...

Okay Lord, i think i have learned patients....


makenna has tt in the potty 2x this morning and is staying dry. did it finally click

Growing up

it wasn't all that long ago, i sang a lullaby and held you close, seems i hardly bat my eyes, where did all of this time go... i thank God for all he gave me, you will always be my baby...

Allison had her first day of school, pre-k, at Holy Cross, Wednesday september 7.   She was such a big girl, she told me several times, "mom im not gonna cry" and she didn't.  she walked in, put her belongings in her designated space and sat in her chair.

that was the longest 5 hours of my life!!! it was really odd not having my little helper at home.  makenna was awake for over an hour before she said, "mom, wheres allison."

when the day was over, Allison asked if she got to go back to school the next day, was upset when i told her she only goes on monday and wednesday.  she told me she rested at school, (i guess it was rest away from the rest of the zoo!!!) she ate a little, she played a little on the play ground, on the slide and swing, and she rested some more...

All ready to go!
Sitting so big!

She wrote her own name!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

yours and another one

my house has been for sale for 4 months, the zoo has outgrown it, wait, we outgrew it before the first zoo member ever took her first breath (but that is a different topic).  Several people (5 to be exact) have looked at it and its always "they love your house, they are looking at one more tomorrow and then will choose between yours and the other one".

however, it seems they always choose the other house.  i do realize that do to liberal spending of our lovely countries leadership, the housing market is not booming, and Fannie mae and freddie mac forced financial institutions to loan money to folks who didn't qualify  (again another topic).  but how do 5 people look at 2 houses and then always choose the other one?

of course, i do realize, God has a place for the zoo and we should be patient (something that is very hard for me to be) and wait for his timing, as he is an on time God, its just hard to believe that 5 out of 5 times, the decision is narrowed down to two houses and mine is not the chosen.... 

well, as it looks the fifth person, who was ready to make an offer on my house, then seemed to disappear for 2 weeks, is back, and wants to see my house again.  so while i sit here and type my thoughts, i should be doing what i detest doing, cleaning!!! (showing is at 6:45, i've got time)

but seriously, is that a standard comment for realtors, as if they dont want to tell you the truth, "your house is ugly, its never gonna sell" so they say "they are choosing between yours and another one....  

Where to begin

A busy mom of 3, (ages 4, 3, and 2), I enjoy cake decorating, learning photography and taking pictures, and coupon shopping! Mainly i enjoy spending time with my "zoo".  Yes, i have my moments and need a break, but God gave me these children and i want to be the best mom i can be.  And dont forget the husband, very thankful for a husband who works and provides for his family so that i can be a stay at home mom.

My purpose for this blog, 1. so that i dont forget a moment of excitement that the zoo creates, and to share stories with family members who are far off, along with my personal random rants of whatever topic i feel so bottled up inside, that my zoo would respond to me by saying, "oh my gosh, I can't handel this right now (Makenna)."