Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

so my little angel truly is growing up.  She went to her first sleep over at a friends house.  she told me, "mom, i'm not gonna cry" and that she did not.

a little worried what might come out of her mouth, kids say the darndest things, she proceeded to tell her friend that "she was stinking up the bathroom but thats okay cause my daddy does it to and it smells worse".

i began to think of all the things that they each have there own way of saying particular words, here are just a few.

pullups are cool ups
shelley is sheshy 
yogart is are-get

Makenna (the only child in sunday school that said there was no Gods) 
veggietales  are t-tales
snow white is snow wipe 

Jace (being his speech is still limited as he is only 2)
cars are B's  

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